Legal Practice Management is comprised of tedious and complex tasks. Recording everything is vital. Keeping an accurate track of every matter information, party information, legal business operation and accounting transaction requires unprecedented precision. Good thing there is a revolutionary software called ECLaw that provides this and more.

Integrated to provide a full featured Legal Practice Management Software, ECLaw is a true innovation. It is a comprehensive suite of application designed to meet the distinctive needs of legal firms. This system expertly administers information for legal practice, time sheet logging, accounting posting, invocing, creditor’s invoice loggin and management reports.

Our application sets us apart. Our exceptional service defines us. 

System Characteristics

Easy Operation

If you find yourself scratching your head having no clue which web page goes to where much less how to get there, then your system is not for you. With our program it has user friendly menus and screens. It holds simple commands for easy operational uses. All control fields such as Case number, member ID, account numbers can be selected from a quick search or pull down menu feature. Program operations are complied to user-intuitive Windows operation standard.

Strict Accounting Control 

No need to worry about balancing your accounts. It is specifically programmed following the accounting requirements defined by the Law Society. Flow of clients money are precisely logged and reported.

Computer Aided Billing

ECLaw keeps track of the time spent by solicitors, disbursement made, creditor’s invoice received for every case. The invoicing function will automatically show all unbilled items on the screen and the user can conveniently select those need to be included in the invoice. Never can forget to bill something.

System Security

Case Files and Client Information is deemed confidential. Your firm is put to a risk if data goes to the wrong hands. Protect your company through this feature. System administrator can scope the functions that can be operated by each user. Each case and client record is protected bearing a control list that can be accessed only by system administrators or assigned users. A System Log will record all the system activities, who did it, when it is done.

Support from Small to Large 

The system can work on a single-user environment to multi-user network environment depending on the firm’s needs. The system is design to support virtually unlimited con-current user in a firm.

User Definable Reference Codes and Voucher Number Format 

The reference codes used like matter type, charge code, account numbers and voucher number formats are user definable to suit every specific practice of each firm. You will have unlimited variations on the formatting system. This eases the need to adjust system settings.

Auto Save and Hassle Free Recovery

You are working on the last entry of data in the Balance Sheet. So relieved to finally finish this tedious record. You are about to hit the enter key then suddenly the server shuts down. What used to be a Profit and Loss Balance Sheet is now a blank computer screen. Don’t you just hate it when bad things happen just when you least expect it? 
With our Auto Save and Free Recovery feature no need for such worries. The auto save takes regular snapshot of transaction information that was entered into the program before it is submitted for processing. In case of workstation malfunctions, the entered transaction information will be retrieved automatically.. No need to re-enter all lost information. This saves both time and effort.
ECLaw also makes use of the transaction recovery function of Microsoft SQL Server® database engine. If the server suddenly shuts down while data processing, the unfinished transaction will be cancelled automatically. This maintains balance in all accounts and data consistency.

Modular Design

Our system is packaged in an initial base module. Optional features such as Time Sheet, Computer Aided Invoicing, Document Management and Workflow Control can also be included in the package. 
ECLaw Features At-a-glance

Base Module Features
· Case (Matter) maintenance
· Party Maintenance
· Staff Maintenance
· General Ledger Account Maintenance, Set up of Chart of Accounts

*Account Posting
· Handle various types of vouchers in business. Provide on line batch updating method.

· On screen preview of all reports
· Case Reports:
– Case Statement
– Case History
– Case Balance List
· General Ledger Reports:
– G/L Transaction List
– Trail Balance
– Profit & Loss
– Balance Sheet

· Set up of security control
· Set up of system reference tables
· Print audit trail reports
· Perform Month end, Year End Closing

*Trust Money Control
· Control client money by bank and by bank code in each case
· Produce Trust Fund report by bank and by case

Value Added Modules

Time Sheet
· Log Actions taken by solicitor for each case, with long description field, charge code and time used
· Time Sheet and WIP reports for each case, showing the time spent, billed and unbilled

Accounts Payable
· Logging of creditor’s invoice for each case
· Monitor billing of creditor’s charge to case
· Handle payment by client and settlement of creditor’s invoice
· Accounts Payable reports

Computer Aided Billing
· Automatically display unbilled time, disbursement and creditor’s invoice for user to select and bill
· Can add addition billing items that were not yet recorded in the system
· Flexible formatting and printing option that can produce large variety of invoice format to suit the needs of different cases or client
· Foreign currency bill is supported
· Billing Reports
– Unsettled invoice report
– Commission reports
– Billing Analysis, by Case, Introducer etc.
– Accounts Receivable Aging Analysis
System Requirements

Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 Server 
(Windows XP Home Edition when there is less than 5 concurrent users)
SQL Server 2000
Intel i5 CPU or above
Hard disk with 10 GB free space
Printer (Laser is preferred)

Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 10
Intel i3 or above
4GB RAM or above
Hard disk with 50 MB free space